Want to know how are dishes takes from good to great?
Let's begin our story with our delicious starters.

Inspired by People, Created by best chefs. You'll love it!

Fried Crispies

Mock Chicken With A Crispy Breading. Something More Than Just Good!


Achari Tikka

Where The Flavor Inebriates You


French Fries

Keepin’ It Basic!!


Masala Fries

Making The Potatoes Fiercy!


Spring Rolls (2 pcs.)

Let’s Rock N Roll


G Roll

They See Me Rolling.



Keema Pav

Making The Usual Unusual


Tasty, healthy Gurbers with high protein values. your new favorites!!

Fried Crispies Gurber

Fried Crispies Between Fresh Fluffy Buns Along With It’s Veggie Friends


Keema Gurber

Sloppy With Chin- Dripping Juice On The Inside


Goody Patty Gurber

Sloppy With Chin- Dripping Juice On The Inside


Bhurji Gurber

Fiery, Juicy And Greasy!


Wrap It Up!

Fried Crispies Wrap

Crispies Cozily Wrapped With Tortillas


GoodDo Patty Wrap

It’s A “Good” Patty Wrap Man!


Veg Bytz Keema Wrap

Your Favorite Keema Wrapped In Freshly Made Tortillas


Perfect, tender, well-seasoned and succulent. Let’s Go The Desi Style

Vegetarian Biryani

Keep Calm And Add Veg Bytz To Your Biryani.



Veg Bytz Curry Bowl

Curry With It’s Long Grained Friend- Rice


Veg Bytz Makhani with Paratha

Dip-Dip Your Indian Tortilla Into Buttery Makhani Curry.



Veg Bytz Curry with Baati

Going The Khamma Ghani Way!


best Combo

We are not saying this, customers do.

Add Fries + Drink Combo

₹ 60

French Fries


Any Beverage

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